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The Reviews Are in, and We Have Mixed Feelings About This Viral New Beauty Balm

What if I told you that I’ve never tried anything from One/Size? As a beauty director, that’s hard for me to admit. Aside from the fact that there are barely enough hours in the day to get through all the products that land in front of me, I am fairly picky when it comes to my face makeup. Some formulas are too drying. Some are too matte. Some are even too oily or pill right off my face, and others are just too heavy. So generally, I stay in my comfort zone (natural, lightweight formulas) and use my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer ($48), which has been by my side since high school. (I’m already being vulnerable right now, so I’m not going to share how many years ago that was, but let’s just say it’s more than I can count on my fingers!)

So I think that’s why the Turn Up the Base Beauty Blur Balm Foundation ($33) grabbed my attention. It’s a “triple threat” against skin texture, meaning the formula blurs texture, balances oil, and boosts hydration. It’s made with white-rose stem cells, which blur skin, create a petal-soft texture, and help control oil throughout the day. It also uses skin-like treated pigments to morph into skin texture for a natural finish. Plus, the avocado and mango butter help hydrate and nourish the skin. It sounds pretty perfect on paper, doesn’t it? But I knew that wasn’t just for me to decide, so I wrangled five of my fellow editors to put it to the test, and we have mixed feelings! Keep scrolling to see our before-and-after photos and honest reviews of the new foundation.

“I’m a big fan of BB creams and pretty loyal to my favorite one from Clinique, so I was intrigued to test this one out. When it came to application, I was impressed with how easy it was to smooth it onto my skin. The consistency allows it to glide well. I found it went on evenly and was able to conceal some redness, which was a plus. It felt lightweight, too—and that’s always a must for me! I found the finish was a bit more matte than my usual BB cream, so I think I’d use it as an option if I’m looking for that type of finish to complete my look.”

“I had high hopes for this, but unfortunately, it fell a little short of my expectations. The first time I tried it, it settled into my pores in a really unflattering way. I thought I just hadn’t properly moisturized beforehand, but the second time, I used moisturizer and a pore-blurring primer (which I typically never need) and I found the blur balm still settled into my pores and accentuated creases on my forehead that I didn’t even know I had. I think my skin might just be too dry for the formula. On the plus side, it did stay on throughout the day and definitely blurred out redness and evened my skin tone.”

“To be completely honest, when I first tried this out, I wasn’t a fan at all. I thought that the texture just didn’t work for my skin. But I gave it another try the following day when my skin was more thoroughly prepped. I used a beauty blender instead of my fingers, and it looked infinitely better. It definitely felt and looked more matte than what I typically go for, but I did like how it blurred imperfections and some of my redness. I did actually like how my skin looked as the day went on, and I was impressed that it stayed put until I washed my face.”

“I actually really enjoy this BBB cream! I’ve been on a bit of a journey to embrace my skin and its natural texture (not an easy feat when you’ve struggled with acne), and I think this cream is the perfect product to help me do that. It actually provides a nice, natural coverage that I really like. It’s not too much and not too little. The formula is also pretty creamy, which works nicely on oilier skin. It also applied pretty nicely both with my fingers and a brush. I built it up a bit for a tad more coverage, and that worked well. I’ll definitely use this on the days I only want to wear something light!”

“I have a decent amount of acne scarring from my teen years and still breakout here and there, so I tend to lean toward a full-coverage foundation over a lighter BB cream. I’ll be honest: I was hesitant to try this new product from Patrick Starrr, assuming it would be too sheer for my liking. I was pleasantly surprised that it lived up to its “buildable” descriptor (not all products do). I’ve tried it two ways: applying a thin layer with my fingers like I would a moisturizer and applying with a beauty blender like I would a foundation. Both looked pretty darn good, but I personally prefer the latter. While the formula may not replace my other foundations, I’ll definitely keep it in my rotation, especially for days when I’m working from home and don’t want to wear a ton of makeup.”

“Truth be told, I haven’t worn anything heavier than a tinted sunscreen in months. I just hate the feel of something heavy, and since my skin has been in good shape thanks to extra wedding prep, I haven’t felt the need to put on anything more. But with events coming up where I know I’ll want to look my absolute best, I’m so excited to have this BBB cream in my cabinet. It’s lightweight (hallelujah!), hydrating, buttery as hell, and made my face look and feel so smooth. If you’re looking for something that makes your skin look like you’re using the beauty filter without actually having to take out your phone, you just found it.”

When your face is looking extra puffy, use this for a few minutes. 

Lift away dirt, makeup, and excess oil while plumping up your skin at the same time. 

This truly is like magic. Slather your skin with it prior to applying your makeup. It’ll flood it with moisture, and you’ll look glowing and refreshed even without any makeup on.

If you want to look like you’re lit from within, do yourself a favor and pick up this primer ASAP. It evens out skin, adds a hint of shine, and will score you tons of compliments. 

This is a skin-perfecting primer that smooths skin, controls shine, and provides a blurred, airbrushed finish. Plus, it makes makeup last all day. 

Consider this your own personal IRL filter in a bottle. It’s the ultimate glow enhancer that’s easy to blend and build upon. It can be used as a primer, foundation, or highlighter.

Everyone’s favorite makeup sponge has gotten a makeover. The brand’s exclusive Shadeshifter heat-activated technology allows your blender to change color from yellow to tangerine when soaking it in warm water.

If sponges aren’t your thing, this brush will give you fast coverage with a seamless finish every single time. 

Can Shiseido do no wrong? This uniquely designed brush features four “petal” sections, which help control pressure for a smooth and seamless application. The best part? It can be used with all makeup textures.

Lightweight, hydrating, and with medium to full coverage, this formula lasts and brightens skin, leaving a radiant finish behind.

This is basically a creamy concealer, eye cream, and spot treatment in one. 

This formula visibly improves the appearance of dark circles in seconds. It’s infused with goji berry and haloxyl, which is great for boosting blood circulation and creating a refreshed and radiant-looking eye area.

This is one of my all-time favorite highlighters. It just gives your skin the perfect amount of sheen. I’ve added some to my tinted moisturizer before, but I also love adding a few dots to the high points of my face and the tip of my nose. No glow compares.

This is a favorite gel-based luminizer. It’s made of 75% water and can be worn alone or mixed with foundation or skincare products.

This jelly-powder formula melts into skin and creates a super-glitzy, sparkly finish. Perfect for when you really want to wow.

If you want to set your makeup, hydrate your skin, and give it a glassy glow, this is for you. 

This is a cult favorite and can be found in every beauty editor’s makeup bag. The translucent powder helps set your makeup and keeps it looking fresh all day.

I’m an Urban Decay stan. I’ve been using this setting spray for longer than I care to admit, but it gets the job done (and gets it done well). My makeup never feels complete without a spritz of this. It sets everything in place and keeps my makeup looking fresh for hours and hours.

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