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This Drugstore Skincare Routine Brightens Dullness and Dark Spots (But Really)

There are some combinations so good and so classic that they speak for themselves—things like vitamin C and sunscreen, wine and cheese, and Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Other combinations, while just as prominent, aren’t as alluring. Take, for instance, dullness and dark spots. Why these two skin concerns often go hand-in-hand I don’t know, but it’s true where you see one, you usually see the other. The good news is that there are plenty of products out there that are formulated to tackle dullness and dark spots. The bad news is that many of them cost more than some of us would like to spend. That’s where Versed comes in. The budget-friendly skincare brand recently partnered with a dermatologist to release a specially curated bundle of products. These products were designed to target both dullness and dark spots. The best part? The entire bundle costs less than one luxury serum. Keep scrolling to shop the bundle and learn how each product can brighten and even your skin tone (but really). 

The bundle was created in partnership with Chris Tomassian, a Kansas City dermatologist who’s passionate about cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology. When he’s not working with patients, he’s often sharing educational skincare content with his devoted social media following. (Follow him for advice on everything from proper product application to hair loss, ingredient interactions, and more).  As for the products that are featured in the bundle, there are four in total. All of them happen to be Who What Wear team favorites. That’s because each one is formulated with a mix of ingredients, like kojic acid, niacinamide, AHAs, and hyaluronic acid. “Dark spots and skin dullness are two common skin concerns that many people deal with,” Tomassian says. “I tried to mix and match ingredients that work well together to address both concerns.”

Let’s start with this targeted spot treatment, which was formulated to address dark spots and post-acne marks (a notoriously stubborn skin concern for some people). “Dark spots are commonly found after trauma to the skin called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, so try to limit picking or further irritation to any pimples or blemishes,” Tomassian says. “Incorporating retinol may also be beneficial, as this not only helps with dark spots but is one of the most well-studied ingredients to improve texture, tone, and fine wrinkles.” 

Each tube contains a potent blend of tranexamic acid, kojic acid, licorice root, and niacinamide. The first is a derm favorite for treating hyperpigmentation (and melasma, to be specific). The second “helps with dark spots by inhibiting an enzyme necessary to create more pigment,” Tomassian says. Finally, niacinamide “blocks pigment transfer and has been shown to improve skin radiance, wrinkles, and regulate oil production.” 

Next up, we have the moisturizer of the bundle. This one is enriched with restorative ingredients such as algae extract, vitamin E, and squalane to calm, hydrate, and nourish the skin. The result? Plump and dewy skin with no dullness in sight.

While it’s certainly a rich moisturizing cream, it’s not a greasy moisturizing cream, so oily skin types can still use it, albeit they may prefer to use it as a night cream or a winter moisturizer.

Exfoliation is paramount when it comes to correcting dullness and dark spots since it sloughs off dead, dry skin cells and brings plump new ones up to the surface. This mask uses three (count ’em, three) types of chemical exfoliants, including AHAs, which are “gentle chemical exfoliates that help turn over your skin cells quickly leaving you with fresh, youthful appearing skin and furthermore over time have been shown to improve collagen production.” There are also BHAs (aka, salicylic acid) and enzymes. 

All you have to do to reap the resurfacing benefits is apply it weekly for three minutes. Easy. 

This sunscreen doubles as a lightweight moisturizer for daily use. It contains non-nano zinc oxide, which is important in treating dark spots and dullness because it “helps protect your skin from further darkening of your dark spots and collagen degradation from cumulative UV damage,” according to Tomassian.

While the UV protection is certainly the best (and main) prerogative of this SPF, we love its peachy hue, which was consciously created to counteract the white cast traditionally common with physical blockers. We find that it adds a nice blurring action.

These drops offer real skin benefits (along with a pretty, lit-from-within radiance). 

This at-home dermaplaning tool is one of my favorite Versed products of all time. It’s only $20, yet it’s as sturdy and sharp as those that are triple its price. Read my full review to learn more.

This toner is a great daily pick-me-up for dull skin.

Speaking of dullness and dark spots, this serum is full of pigmentation-fighting plant extracts. 

Remember how Tomassian said that retinol can help treat dark spots? This one contains microencapsulated retinol, which is less irritating than traditional retinol. 

While there are some serious skin benefits associated with this oil-serum hybrid (including but not limited to a high antioxidant content), its light-reflective quality provides an instant glow. 

This physical exfoliant is a Who What Wear office favorite since it refines pores, smooths uneven texture, and brightens the skin all in one go.

This lightweight cleanser gently removes makeup while leaving moisture behind.

Next, splurgy skincare products that are actually worth buying.

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