This Hair Mask Is So Hydrating, I May Never Use Conditioner Again

  • Dae’s Monsoon Moisture Mask is said to offer hair intense hydration.
  • Reviewers on Sephora have been singing the mask’s praises.
  • One editor tried it out and was impressed with the results.

In a perfect world, I would have perfect hair. It would be shiny, healthy, bouncy, smell good at all times, and IDK, also solve world peace? Unfortunately for me, my hair is anything but perfect. It’s dry and damaged, and for the last year or so I’ve been putting some major thought into how I care for my strands. I’ve opted for less heat, better products, and I’ve been attempting to use a hair mask at least once a week. In my experience, hair masks can either be completely amazing or absolutely terrible, depending on how they leave your hair feeling once dried. Luckily, I recently stumbled across a hair mask that puts all others to shame: Dae’s Monsoon Moisture Mask ($28).

What initially sold me on this product was that it’s geared toward boosting hydration. Dae’s Monsoon Mask is made with prickly pear seed oil, which aims to deliver intense moisture. It also utilizes cactus flower extract to keep hair follicles healthy, and cocoa seed butter to strengthen strands. The mask has a bunch of positive reviews on Sephora, and a lot of them mentioned that the mask left hair feeling moisturized and smooth, which is something my hair is always in desperate need of.

My Dae package arrived on a wash day, which honestly felt like fate. I was so excited that I immediately tore open the packaging and ran upstairs to hop in the shower. The directions said to apply a generous amount onto damp hair after shampooing and to let the mask sit for five to 10 minutes, so I did just that. I typically concentrate hair masks at the middle of my hair and work my way down, because I try to avoid too much product buildup at my roots. I let the mask sit for 10 minutes exactly, and then I rinsed it out with cool water. Whenever I use a hair mask for the first time, I usually opt to forgo conditioner. I always want to see how the product holds up on its own, without any extra help from my tried-and-true hair-care crew. While my hair felt pretty silky smooth immediately after rinsing, the true test would come after blowdrying.

Once I started blowdrying my hair, I immediately noticed what a difference the mask had made. Typically, I’m left with tons of frizz at the roots after blowdrying, and while this mask didn’t completely eliminate my frizz, it did help cut it down by at least half. It left my hair smelling fresh, and the light scent lasted throughout the day. The scent itself is hard to describe, but Dae says it’s supposed to smell like “the earthy scent of the desert after rain.” I have no idea what that smells like, but if it smells anything like Dae’s Monsoon Mask, it must be pretty delicious. I took before-and-after photos, and I was honestly shocked at how shiny, silky, and smooth my hair looked after using the mask compared to the before picture.

In the past, I’ve used masks that left my hair feeling silky on day one, but by day two turned my strands into a pile of grease. This mask didn’t leave my hair feeling heavy or greasy, and I was able to go my typical four days before needing to shampoo. At $28, this hair mask is priced similarly to other comparable products on the market. I have a whole shelf dedicated to hair care, but the reason I continue to reach for this product is because of how hydrated it makes my hair look and feel. I can honestly say that I rarely see the ends of my hair looking this smooth and sleek unless it’s immediately after a haircut. If you’re looking to tame your tresses and finally get them the hydration they deserve, Dae’s Monsoon Mask has you covered.

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