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U Beauty and Bag Snob’s Tina Chen Craig Really Loves Her Son—and This Exact Mom Bag

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With the ongoing conversation about the future of fashion influencers, it’s hard not to think of the first wave of mid-2000s bloggers who came and went. Tina Chen Craig, on the other hand, stayed. Craig is one of that generation’s few survivors, and today, she provides the rubric for what an influencer-turned-successful businesswoman looks like. What began as a personal website for like-minded purse enthusiasts, Bag Snob, Craig’s O.G. fashion blog—which she co-founded in 2005 as a stay-at-home mom with a six-month-old newborn in tow—transformed into what is now an empire of savvy business decisions, including the launch of U Beauty, a rising star in the realm of designer skincare.

Craig pivoted when she needed to, embracing Instagram in the post-blog world, and TikTok in a post-Instagram world. Her TikTok in particular is a prime example of how natural it should be for creators to reach their respective audiences as they grow up and expand their platform. “It’s not easy being in my 50s [and] joining an app meant for teenagers,” Craig says in one post. But she harnessed a brand of authenticity that makes her endlessly likable, with a grid is filled with content for any generation. She rants about Invisalign, gushes over her teenage son, and discourages 20-year-olds from getting baby Botox. She’s the mom we wish we had, and the mom we aspire to be. So we asked her for advice on doing it all.

“You can be superwoman with help—Superwoman had help,” she tells ELLE.com over Zoom. “As working moms, the minute you get home, you feel so guilty, and you’re like, ‘Now I gotta cook, now I gotta show that I can do everything.’ But I think it’s really important to take time to decompress. Walk in, and take 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes can do wonders, and will set the tone for the evening with the family.” Then of course, she recommends teaching your kid how to cook for themselves, too.

Even digitally, Craig’s charm emanates from the screen. As she doles out advice for how to use skincare as makeup, she frantically reaches for items off-screen to show me what she just bought. At one point, she even lifts her shirt up to reveal her new abs. It’s hard not to buy whatever it is that Craig is selling, which is why we’re turning to her, a self-proclaimed “tiger mom,” for all things Mother’s Day. She goes into detail about her favorite gifts to give and receive for the holiday, and we wrapped it all up ahead.

Problem Solver

The BARRIER Bioactive Treatment

“As new moms (or not!), our barriers have been destroyed. First babies, then running around after them in parks, then they’re teenagers…this treatment repairs any past barrier damage. Before I started my beauty journey, I saw myself coming out of a Calvin Klein show, and I was horrified. At the time, I was in my mid-40s. Now I have this bounce, because it’s healthy. This is the best gift for any mom: put on whatever moisturizer you have at home, then apply it as a decadent treat.”

Best Wellness Gift

FlexIt Personal Training Session

“During the pandemic, there was no time to work out. When I discovered FlexIt, it changed my life. I gained so much muscle! To me, working out is like brushing your teeth. You don’t brush your teeth once a week. Some people only work out once a week for three hours, and I think you should work out everyday, even if it’s only 15 or 20 minutes a day. That’s been my philosophy my whole life. With FlexIt, you can buy 30-minute sessions. The results are incredible. I call it my ‘Uber to a hot body.’ Moms always feel guilty for taking time for themselves for some reason, but they really shouldn’t.”

Ultimate Mom Bag

Medium Dior Vibe Zip Bowling Bag White Smooth Calfskin

“I’m obsessed with this bag. A mom bag has to be something that can hold toys, has a top handle, and can be put over your shoulder, so you can go from mom duty to lunches and cocktails. My son used to put roly-polies in my bag and I would open it and see hundreds of these round bugs. I would be like, ‘What are you doing?!’ And he was like, ‘Mama, your bags cannot hug you or kiss you, but I wuv you.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, fine, destroy it.’”

Tina’s Luxe Pick

Cryo Facial Freeze Tools

“Georgia Louise cryo tools. Not your usual gift, but they’re great.”

Double the Fun

The PLASMA Lip Compound

“The plasma is a great entry product. It’s $68, but the ingredients we use will deeply hydrate and increase the volume of your lips from the inside out. Why do people buy a cheap lip balm but splurge on an eye cream? You have one pair of lips and that’s it. I also use this as an eye mask at night. There are TikTok kids who are using it as eye cream, too.”

Personal Fave

Vine & Bloom Box Prepaid Subscription

“I want a gardenia subscription. Gardenias and jasmine are my two favorite flowers, but don’t bloom in Texas. Anyone who wants to court me should send that to me. I love the gift of fresh flowers.”

“I would love a vacation with my son at Exclusive Resorts. He’s about to turn 18 and graduate, so I really only have a year left with him. I don’t wanna sound like I’m obsessed with my kid, but this is Mother’s Day, right? He and I both like the sun; we don’t need to be anywhere cold. I would love to go to Turks and Caicos because it’s close. He has a girlfriend and doesn’t want to go anywhere too far.”

No-Fail Classic

Velour Women’s Long Robe

“I love Skims. I initially shopped [the brand] to show support, but I really am obsessed with it. I’m wearing Skims right now! [Kim Kardashian] makes the softest underwear that fits everybody. And the robes!”

The Perfect Hostess Gift

Grand Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“This olive oil is simply amazing.”

Great for Fitness Junkies

Bala Bangles – Set of 2 (1lb Each)

“I wear these during workouts, but also just around the house.”


Lee Radziwell Mini Leather Satchel Crossbody

“Tory makes great things for moms. Moms need compartments for their kids’ snacks, and their own snacks. Always make sure a bag can go over a heavy coat and won’t cut into your skin when you’re wearing a tank top. Comfort is what I think about—and whether the interior is easy to clean.”


Wild Brooklyn Lavender Scented Candle

“I love D.S. and Durga candles!”

Bang for Your Buck

The Index Set

“You get four of our hero products for less than $100.”

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