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Um, a Money Heist Makeup Collection Is Coming – and Holy Sh*t, the Dali Mask Palette Is Good

  • NYX Professional Makeup is launching a Money Heist-inspired collection.
  • The Spanish series quickly became one of Netflix’s top shows globally.
  • The NYX x Money Heist makeup collection contains palettes, highlighters, lipsticks, and more.

Maybe it’s because Netflix’s La Casa de Papel (better known as Money Heist in the United States) fueled the entire first half of my pandemic binge-watching, or maybe I just have a slight crush on Tokyo, but either way: when I tell you I’m all agog that NYX created a makeup collection inspired by the series, I mean Alicia Sierra-catching-El Professor-level agog.

The limited-edition lineup, launching on Nov. 10, includes all the standard makeup essentials you’d come to expect from the brand (think: eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, lip liners, highlighters), only this time each one includes tiny nods to your favorite characters and moments – with Dali-face-mask packaging and all. Some of our favorite items include the Gold Bar Highlighter (in two shades: pearly champagne or shimmery pink), La Casa Bullet Lipstick (in Nairobi, a deep mauve, and Tokyo, a bold red), and, of course, the Dali Mask Palette. Look a little closer and you’ll even notice the kitschy shade names include references any fan would appreciate, like Red Jumpsuit and Ciao Ciao Ciao.

Ironically, you needn’t have melted down 90 tons of gold bars from a Bank of Spain heist to afford the products. In fact, they start at just $10. That said, the NYX and Money Heist collection – which you can see in its entirety ahead – won’t be around forever, so you might want to move fast once it drops. As Berlin said, “Enjoy it, until the party is over.”

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