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We Can't Predict the Future, But We Can Tell You These Nail Colors Are *It*

There are so many things to love when we’re transitioning from winter to spring. Warmer weather is one, of course. And that means a wardrobe refresh. It also means there are more opportunities to get outside without freezing your butt off so you can enjoy the fresh air and nature. Plus, I always look at spring (or the change of any season) as a fresh start.

There might be a lot of things you’re looking to change this spring, but maybe you just want to change up something in your beauty routine. So why not start with a new nail polish color? It’s a low-lift, non-permanent way to switch things up.

To kick things off, I asked nail artists and manicurists for their favorite nail polishes of the moment and the colors that are trending hard right now. Take a look at their picks below, plus some editor favorites.

“It’s a gorgeous yellow shade,” celebrity and editorial manicurist Mimi D says. “To me, it’s the perfect transitional color. In March, we’re still experiencing that ‘in-between’ weather. Not quite hot and not quite cold. Among the Marigolds is a trendy shade because it’s just bright enough where it welcomes you into the warmer weather, but it also suits the colder weather because the yellow will pop against a dark-colored sweater or coat.”

“Greens, which started trending in 2020, continue to dominate into 2022. But instead of slime green that’s been popular, the greens we’ll see are warmer and more grounded,” says Brittany Boyce, celebrity nail artist and founder of Nails of LA. She recommends Orly’s Artist’s Garden shade for this trend.

“I always love a good nude like my Naked shade. It is a timeless, sheer, clean, bare beige and a contrast to the nail art,” says Deborah Lippmann, celebrity manicurist and founder of her eponymous brand.

“[It’s] such a perfect name for a shade like this because this muted pink shade can almost act as a neutral or nude color. Think dusty rose but a lighter version,” Mimi D says.

“This polish checks two trend boxes: jelly and periwinkle. It’s buildable and squishy, which is so fun for spring. It’s also a great base for cloud nail art!” says Nina Park, nail artist and CEO of Scratch Nail Wraps.

“Pantone listed a blue-toned lilac as the color of 2022,” Boyce says. “It’s not the deep royal purple or a sheer wash of pastel purple, but a rich, pigmented lilac shade.” She recommends Orly’s Provence at Dusk, which is a creamy and pretty lilac.

Along with nude hues, Lippmann says she has been loving mauve and pink shades this month since they are the perfect shades to transition into spring. “I launched my Simply Irresistible set to include nude and pink colors for every skin tone,” she explains. “Plus, they’re buildable, so you’re able to put more color until you feel like you’re blossoming. I think nudes will have a moment this spring—even though they are a timeless shade that you can wear all year long!”

“It’s a moody green that’s a great alternative to a stark black,” Park says.

“While most spring colors tend to be more muted, neon is really popular this spring,” Boyce says. “Megan Fox sported a bright neon orange recently, while Olivia Rodrigo sported a bright yellow neon for the Billboard awards. I think people are really excited to go out, and they feel that electricity in the air.”

“This sheer polish is ethereal and shiny with a unique rosy golden sparkle throughout—metallic but chic,” Park says.

Both Mimi D and Park recommend this pastel hue. “[It] is such a beautiful spring blue,” Mimi D says. “It’s likely to trend all year because it’s so close to the color of the year: Very Peri. If you’re into nail art, this shade will work really well as the base for a robin’s egg nail art.”

Boyce also recommends this lilac shade—it’s a bit darker than your traditional pastel.

“Pinks will have a moment this spring, and Danse With Me is a silky opaque pink that’s not too bright and not too neutral,” Park says.

“This is my favorite neutral green—it wears easily because it leans khaki!” Park says.

Here’s another neon suggestion from Boyce—it’s a fiery orange-red that works well for summer, too.

“This polish has a cult following because it complements all skin tones and has a beautiful metallic rose-gold finish that’ll catch your eye and go with any outfit,” Park says.

This sweet lilac goes with just about any spring outfit.

If you want to venture outside of neutrals and pastels this month, try this raspberry-red hue.

This nail polish is a daydreamy blue-green that looks unique.

Welcome sunnier days with this cheerful sky-blue polish.

Essie’s pretty purple goes on like a gel manicure—it delivers shine and has staying power.

How can you not look down at your nails and smile when you’re wearing this lemon-yellow color?

For those who prefer darker shades, try this teal-esque shade, which is darker than most teal hues but still bright.

This shade will make you obsessed with periwinkle.

This medium neutral just works year-round.

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