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What Is Dimpleplasty? A Plastic Surgeon Breaks It Down

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  • Dimpleplasty is a plastic-surgery procedure that creates dimples.
  • The surgery is typically performed on the cheek or chin.
  • We asked a plastic surgeon what people should know about dimpleplasties.

With the rise in social media, people have been opening up about plastic-surgery procedures or “tweakments” that they’ve undergone. In fact, many procedures – from eyelid lifts to buccal fat removals – have been met with increased fascination on TikTok. One in particular that’s rising in popularity? Dimpleplasty surgery, with some videos detailing the experience and results bringing in upward of three million views.

So, what is it exactly? “A dimpleplasty is a procedure in which a dimple is created in the cheek and/or chin,” Smita Ramanadham, MD, FCAS, tells POPSUGAR. “A dimple is typically seen when there is a defect in the musculature that enables a smile. This procedure attempts to re-create that.”

To break down everything you need to know about the plastic-surgery procedure, we asked Dr. Ramanadham to explain dimplyplasty cost, recovery time, potential risks, and more.

What Goes Into a Dimpleplasty?

Dimpleplasties are moderately invasive, as they do require an opening to be made within the cheek. “The procedure can involve a simple suture anchoring the skin to the internal soft tissue to create a puckering or dimpling of the skin,” Dr. Ramanadham says. “It can also involve removing a small portion of muscle and then anchoring the skin to the deeper soft tissue.”

While it is a slightly more invasive procedure, she adds that it’s relatively quick – taking anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour – and is done this way in order to avoid any potential for scarring once the incision site is healed.

What Is the Recovery Time For a Dimpleplasty?

A dimpleplasty is an outpatient or in-office procedure that doesn’t require too much downtime. Afterward, you can expect very little impact on your day-to-day life. “Initially after the procedure, there may be swelling and bruising,” Dr. Ramanadham says. “The dimple may appear more pronounced and exaggerated but over the following weeks will settle to its final results. Most patients can return to work after one to two days.”

The biggest change that you’ll mostly likely experience will be the addition of a postprocedure aftercare step to your night routine and some slight changes to your eating habits. “Gentle icing can help mitigate the bruising and swelling. Common postoperative instructions may involve avoiding heavy chewing; gently brushing teeth, especially the molars; and the use of Peridex, a medical mouthwash.”

How Much Do Dimpleplasties Cost?

As with any cosmetic procedure, the cost of a dimpleplasty procedure varies depending on your geographic location and the doctor you choose to go with. (Metropolitan cities, for example, might yield higher prices.) Still, Dr. Ramanadham says you can expect to pay anywhere between $2,500 to $5,000. Since this is a cosmetic and usually elective procedure, it’s not covered by insurance.

Are Dimpleplasties Permanent?

The longevity of your dimpleplasty depends on the type of technique used during the procedure. “If a suture is used alone, the dimple will only be as long lasting as the suture itself,” Dr. Ramanadham says. “If a muscular defect is created and sutures placed, this can be a long-term, permanent result.”

She warns that one potential risk to consider is that, while dimpleplasties can be reversed, the results may not be favorable. “The procedure can be reversed by re-creating muscular congruity. However, as with most procedures, a patient should not get this procedure unless they are certain. Any procedure, while can be ‘reversed,’ may not return the anatomy or appearance to exactly how it was prior.”

Dimpleplasty Before-and-After Photo

How to Find a Dimpleplasty Surgeon

The most important part to note before any procedure is making sure the doctor you go to is qualified. “Dimpleplasties should only be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon,” Dr. Ramanadham says. “These are the only specialties that understand the underlying anatomy and muscle and can manage any postoperative complications that may occur.”

Be sure to do your research in order to get some basic background information on whether a dimpleplasty is truly what you’re interested in, as well as if the procedure will help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

While dimpleplasties are now trending, it’s important to know that results vary. Always make sure to do your due diligence and find a reputable surgeon who’s willing to patiently explain what your results will look like, as well as go over all options you should consider before undergoing this procedure.

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